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The California Lichen Society (CALS) seeks to promote the appreciation, conservation, and study of lichens. The focus of the Society is on California, but its interests include the entire western part of the continent. Anyone interested in California lichens may join the Society.


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  • Learn a little about lichens found in the canopy at Muir Woods National Monument.

    Lichens contribute such beautiful colors to our redwood forests, growing elegantly on trees, fallen logs, and rocks. Each lichen you see is actually a symbiotic partnership — algae or cyanobacteria wrapped up in a fungal package. Thanks to canopy biologists Rikke Reese Næsborg, Cameron Williams, Mar…

    Posted By California Lichen Society

    October 31

  • For my new lichen friends: https://www.flickr.com/photos/107963674@N07/15483921106/in/pool-2411266@N25/

    You can download or view Macroscopic Solutions’ images in more detail by selecting any image and clicking the downward facing arrow in the lower-right corner of the image display screen. Three individuals of Macroscopic Solutions, LLC captured the images in this database collaboratively. Contact inf…

    Posted By Danny Newman

    October 21

  • There is still space...come explore lichens with CALS and David Arora! http://californialichens.org/2014/arorafieldtrip/

    David Arora, www.davidarora.com , has invited CALS members to his North Coast home the weekend of October 18/19 to explore, collect and ID lichens on his 40+ acre property overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Gualala, CA. He would like to end up with an inventory of the lichens on his property. The habi…

    Posted By California Lichen Society

    October 02

  • http://www.boredpanda.com/artist-uses-real-lichens-in-paintings/

    Kristina Zimbakova is an artist from Macedonia creating mixed-media paintings and drawings, wherein she applies real lichens, obtained from dry collections or harvested during personal forays. Lichens are a symbiotic association between a fungus and algae or cyanobacteria. In her artistic endeavors,…

    Posted By California Lichen Society

    September 22

  • FYI ! Thanks

    Posted By Joana Lage

    September 08

  • Nice lichens!

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    September 02

  • East Bay Science Cafe talks lichens!

    Informing and engaging the public about the diversity and depth of science at Cal & the resulting contributions to society.

    Posted By California Lichen Society

    August 26

  • This species looks familiar! It was the star of Febuary on our CALS 2014 calendar. http://phenomena.nationalgeographic.com/2014/06/30/one-lichen-species-is-actually-126-and-probably-more/

    One of the best ways of finding new species is to sequence the genes of existing ones. Often, scientists discover genetically distinct populations that count as species in their own right, hiding i...

    Posted By California Lichen Society

    August 17

  • Posted By California Lichen Society

    August 06

  • Fibershed lichen dye workshop.

    Fibershed Lichen dye workshop taught by Sarah Minnick and Shelly Benson on July 19, 2014.

    Posted By California Lichen Society

    July 29

  • I'd like to know if the new book "A Field Guide to California Lichens" would be very useful to a Washington state resident. I'll probably get it eventually, but my budget forces me to prioritize. I know there can be wide latitudinal distribution and am curious whether the book describes range outside of California.

    Posted By Craig Sondergaard

    June 05

  • Bring your lichens to SFSU for help keying them under a scope! Check the details here and RSVP.

    Posted By California Lichen Society

    May 21

  • Did you know you could use lichens to dye fibers interesting colors?! Learn more at this field trip:

    10:00 – 2:00, May 3, 2014. Meet at Bear Valley in front of the Point Reyes National Seashore Visitor Center for a walk led by CALS President Shelly Benson and CALS Secretary Sarah Minnick that will focus on distinguishing dye lichens. We will review the basics about lichens and how to use them as d…

    Posted By California Lichen Society

    April 27

  • And stay for CAL Day on Saturday, April 12 where you'll find the CALS display in the Jepson Herbarium and wonderful talks, presentations, and interactivities throughout the campus. http://calday.berkeley.edu/

    Posted By California Lichen Society

    April 10

  • Friday, April 11 the Botany Lunch series at the Jepson Herbarium on the UC Berkeley campus will feature Kerry Knudsen and the Lichens of Joshua Tree National Park, details are here: http://ucjeps.berkeley.edu/news/botanylunch/

    Jan. 24 Nancy Morin (Vice President for Business and Development, Flora of North America; Research Associate, University & Jepson Herbaria)Quandaries in Campanulaceae phylogenies

    Posted By California Lichen Society

    April 10

  • BioBlitzers learn about the central cord in Usnea, the rubber band lichen.

    Posted By California Lichen Society

    March 30

  • Check out this fantastic workshop by Dr. Peter Nelson on Pannariaceae!

    A few seats left for Pannariaceae workshop with Dr. Peter Nelson at SOU in Ashland, Oregon April 17-19 see link here: http://home.comcast.net/~nwlichens/events.htm

    Posted By Hanaa Misurata

    March 27

  • Bioblitz SF is this Friday and Saturday! Scientists and citizens unite to document the biodiversity of the Golden Gate National Recreation area and educate the students about its incredible range. CALS could use your help, message us here to volunteer!

    Posted By California Lichen Society

    March 24

  • Peltigera gowardii, a fantastic hydro lichen that is worth conserving!

    Poulsen, B. and T. Carlberg. 2007. Peltigera hydrothyrea, sponsorship for the CALS Conservation Committee. Bulletin of the California Lichen Society 14(1): 15-18.

    Posted By Hanaa Misurata

    March 06

  • Volunteers needed for Bioblitz 2014 in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area! Message us here or email christine at californialichens dot com to be part of an incredible collaboration. http://www.nationalgeographic.com/explorers/projects/bioblitz/golden-gate-california-2014/

    Posted By California Lichen Society

    February 20

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The Joshua Tree National Park checklist referenced in our recent Bulletin is available from our external resources page (direct link).

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