Winter’s Medulla: South Coast Lichen Foray March 9-11

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It’s always nice to go spend time somewhere beautiful in the name of science. So let’s go look at lichens on the south coast! Hope you can join us for this weekend foray in the late winter.

Where: Based out of UCSB Rancho Marino Reserve near Cambria, CA, with visits planned to other nearby sites
When: Friday, March 9 – Sunday March 11
Who: The general public is welcome, either for the day or overnight. You must RSVP in advance to enter the Reserve, and to receive the detailed itinerary of the event.

Please sign up here: spreadsheets/d/ 1dq6HKuTr1WxvBDcPUT9alQH2EjV0e LhRCIjB2kBY4Uw/edit?usp= sharing

About the location
The Ken Norris Rancho Marino Reserve is a veritable gem of the UC Reserve system. It occupies two miles of pristine coastline stretching south from the edge of the small town of Cambria. The reserve extends from the beach up to the first ridge above shore, and contains one the largest remaining contiguous patches of California sagebrush scrub as well as several other native vegetation types. The reserve is home to one of the few native populations of Monterrey pine (Pinus radiata). Recent research has found that Monterrey pine is declining because of climate change, and may be largely replaced by live oak within several decades–adding an interesting global change angle to studying its epiphytes.

The reserve has a small field station with a communal kitchen and living space and a couple trailers set up as dorms for lodging, all positioned on a cliff over the ocean. There is plenty of space for camping as well. The reserve has not been previously explored for lichens, to the best of our knowledge, so we will develop a preliminary lichen checklist. We will also visit other sites that are likely to have interesting lichens in the region.  The Reserve is closed to the public, so this is a unique opportunity to explore it.

Tentative itinerary
Detailed itinerary will be sent to registrants at a later date.

For those who can arrive on Friday, we’ll do some lichenizing around the field station Friday in the afternoon / early evening, followed by dinner at a local restaurant.
Saturday, we will spend most of the day visiting other sites in the region (TBD). We’ll have a potluck dinner and spend some time looking at our collections.
Sunday morning we will explore farther flung parts of the reserve and then head home by sometime in the afternoon.

Accommodations and amenities
There are a couple trailers each with two full-sized beds available, so each trailer can house up to two couples (or two individuals who don’t share beds). There’s also plenty of camping space at the reserve, and there are also local hotels nearby.

Cambria has a couple small grocery stores, but you may want to do your grocery shopping for the weekend before you arrive.

Contact Jesse with any questions (, 541.482.4923)

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