Eagle Hill lichenology seminars

The Eagle Hill Institute is located on the eastern coast of Maine and is perhaps best known for the advanced natural history science seminars and scientific illustration workshops it has offered since 1987.  Check out their line-up for lichenology seminars in 2017:

May 21-27 … Crustose Lichens of the Acadian Forest … Stephen Clayden
Jun 4-10 … Undergraduate Field Studies: Introduction to Bryophytes and Lichens … Fred Olday
Jul 2-8 … Lichens and Lichen Ecology … David Richardson and Mark Seaward
Jul 23-19 … Lichens, Biofilms, and Stone … Judy Jacob and Michaela Schmull
Aug 6-12 … Independent Studies: Interesting and Challenging Saxicolous Lichens of North America … Alan Fryday

See this flyer for more details on seminars

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