Rosettes, Jellies, and Frosts – in-depth with four lichen genera, March 19, 2016

Location: CSU Chico State University Herberium
This is a one-day intensive workshop focused on species of five lichen genera found in the Sierra/Cascade foothills: six species of lichens that belong to genera that are broadly categorized as jelly lichens (Collema, Leptogium and Scytinium), and seven species of rosette lichens (Physcia) and frost lichens (Physconia), and their look-alikes.

The morning will be a presentation and question session covering the characteristics used to distinguish species within these groups, and will include representative specimens for viewing under dissecting microscopes during the presentation. Lunch will be spent in a blue oak grassland, followed by field observations of targeted lichens. The remainder of the day will be in the lab for guided individual or small-group study, using dissecting microscopes, reference materials, chemical spot tests, vouchers, and identification and picture keys. There will be a demonstration of several methods for cutting cross-sections of jelly lichens, an important tool to distinguish Collema from other jelly genera. This workshop is oriented towards those who have a good grounding in lichen vocabulary, and who already know common lichen species or genera. Participants will benefit more from the workshop if they are experienced with using dichotomous keys.

Led by Tom Carlberg. Workshop fee $90 – $125, with limited student pricing.
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