Macrolichens Around San Francisco Bay, October 14-16, 2016

Location: UC Berkeley and Bay Area Field Sites.
The area around the San Francisco Bay has a unique lichenological position, combining the “moderate extremes” of a cold, constantly moist hypercoastal climate with warmer, drier conditions in the East Bay. One result of this juxtaposition is that of the 1,930 lichen species reported for California, approximately 495 are conservatively reported within 40 miles of the Bay Area. This diversity of epiphylls, crusts, foliose, squamulose, and fruticose lichens is largely overlooked and understudied.

This class is well-suited to people who know what a lichen is and will provide an expanded foundation and tools for identifying lichens to genus. Familiarity with a dissecting microscope is useful but not essential. It is highly recommended that you have experience using dichotomous keys, and essential that you bring a 10-14 power hand lens (we have some 10x lenses available to borrow). Friday afternoon will be an introductory presentation/lecture involving Powerpoint and provided specimens. The remaining two days will be composed of field work (with easy hiking) followed by lab time, working on your own collections.

Led by Tom Carlberg and Rikke Reese Næsborg. Workshop fee: $325/$350.
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