CALS 2017 Annual Meeting, near Chico, CA


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California Lichen Society Annual Meeting
January 28, 2017
The Nature Conservancy’s Dye Creek Preserve, Los Molinos, CA

CALS members have an opportunity for a distinctly different experience at the January 2017 Annual Meeting, which also marks the Society’s 23rd birthday celebration. This year’s meeting will be held at The Nature Conservancy’s Dye Creek Preserve, near Los Molinos, CA. Because Dye Creek Preserve is a working cattle ranch with an active hunting program, public access is limited. Individuals may participate in scheduled docent-led hikes, but the preserve’s manager has been gracious enough to lend the Preserve’s field station to CALS for our annual event.

TNC Dye Creek Preserve lies in the heart of the Lassen Foothills region, a largely unfragmented 900,000-acre landscape, and includes just over 37,500 acres of Cascade and Sierra Nevada foothill in the north end of the Sacramento River Valley. Located in the foothills below Lassen Peak, the 37,540-acre preserve is an expansive landscape of blue oak woodlands, volcanic buttes, and rolling wildflower fields that range up to 2300’ elevation. It is bounded by Mill Creek to the south and southeast, the Lassen National Forest to the northeast, and State Highway 99 to the west. The preserve has a long history of hog and cattle ranching, and the hunting of feral pigs, boar and deer has taken place historically as a routine activity, but the preserve has also been managed as a commercial hunting preserve, beginning as long ago as 1963.

As always, the day’s activities are open to all California Lichen Society members, and also to members of the general public. Because of the limited access to the preserve, anyone interested in attending must RSVP to Those who choose to attend must also sign a liability waiver, which will be provided during the RSVP process. Maps and geographic coordinates will be distributed to those who RSVP, and the passcode to the gate will be distributed shortly before the day.

2017 Annual Meeting schedule, January 28th

10:00 am – 4:00 pm……Meet at the field station at Dye Creek at 10:00am; we will set out on Dye Creek trail at 10:30. Bring a picnic lunch to eat on the trail, and dress for the weather.

4:00 – 7:00 pm………….Time for socializing, followed by a pot-luck dinner at 6:00.

4:30 – 5:30 pm………….Open meeting of the California Lichen Society’s Board of Directors. New board members will be introduced and old members will say farewell. The Board will have an agenda, but will be happy to set it aside to hear from members of the society.

7:00 – 8:00 pm…………..Daphne Stone, Ph.D., will speak on her extensive lichenological experience in southwest Oregon and other parts of the northwestern United States, which includes working with the lichen flora of oak woodlands, lichens of soil crust communities, and lichens that are part of the ISSSP component of the Northwest Forest Plan. Daphne is the President of Northwest Lichenologists and a botanical resources contractor in Eugene, Oregon. She is the author of five new species of lichens in the insidiously difficult genera that were once Leptogium and Collema, but are now much more complicated. She is also a frequent examiner for the Northwest Lichenologists’ certification exam.

Saturday dinner

Dinner on Saturday night will be pot-luck. If your contribution requires cooking, please bring it in an oven-ready container to minimize kitchen prep time at the field station; refrigerators will be available beginning when you arrive Friday. Bring serving spoons or forks, as needed. Cups, glasses, plates and utensils will be available, and tea, teakettle, coffee, coffee maker, creamer, etc. will be provided.

The weather

Dress appropriately! The Cascade Foothills and Sacramento Valley can be sunny and cold. Average high and low temperatures (Fahrenheit) in January are 55° and 34°, respectively. Record highs and lows have been 75° and 19°. We will hike in sun, overcast, fog or light rain, but not if we are miserable.


Camping in the vicinity of the field station is available at no charge for up to twenty individuals. Reservations are necessary at the time of RSVP, and will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis. There are flush toilets and an outdoor shower; cooking and associated cleanup can take place in the field station, but the station’s communal spaces must be cleared for the activities on Saturday afternoon and evening.

The following distances are from the junction of Hwy. 99 and 68th Avenue:

There are very limited accommodations in Los Molinos, the nearest community to Dye Creek. The small town of Corning, 16 miles to the southwest and right on Interstate 5, has several standard motels: Best Western, Economy Inn, Super 8. Chico and Red Bluff are larger, more established towns, with more varied accommodations. Depending on your hotel, Red Bluff is only about 9-10 miles away. Chico is approximately 25 miles away, and offers a variety of reasonable motel prices and rooms, all the way up to the luxurious Hotel Diamond, within walking distance of the Chico campus.

Directions to Dye Creek Preserve, 11010 Foothill Blvd, Los Molinos, CA 96055

From Interstate 5 at Red Bluff

Take Hwy 36 (Antelope Boulevard) east 2.1 miles to the end of town and the junction with Hwy 99, then continue straight (southeast) for 7.0 to the junction of Hwy. 99 and 68th Avenue, which comes immediately after you cross Antelope Creek. Turn left on to 68thAvenue, which looks a bit like entering a rural neighborhood, and continue to the end of 68th at Foothill Boulevard, approximately 2.5 miles. Turn right, pass through the gate, and follow Foothill 1.5 miles to the large central parking area at the field station.

From Chico

Take Hwy 99 northwest to Los Molinos. From the (only) stoplight in town, drive 5.7 miles north to the junction of Hwy. 99 and 68th Avenue. Be aware that the distance from 9th Avenue to 61st Avenue is only about ½ mile. Turn right onto 68th Avenue, and continue as above.



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