Cascade Canyon lichen walk, July 31, 2013

We had a great day for our lichen walk in Cascade Canyon today.  Below is a species list of the common lichens we saw along the trail.  Thanks everyone for making it a fun walk!

Caloplaca sp, the bright orange crustose species on the rocks

Cladonia sp, pixie cups

Evernia prunastri (makes a nice pink-purple dye)

Flavoparmelia caperata, greenshield

Flavopunctelia flaventior, speckled greenshield (also a good dye lichen, purple)

Lepraria sp, the greenish-gray dustose lichen

Leptogium sp, the unstratified, gelatinous, translucent lichen on the eroding soil/rocky slope

Parmotrema sp., ruffle lichen (the gray foliose lichen with eyelash-like cilia)

Pertusaria amara, “sugar” lichen

Parmelia sulcata (we didn’t see much of this)

Physcia spp (we saw this later in the walk but not much of it)

Physconia persidiosa (we didn’t see much of this, only at the first cluster of trees, a small brown lichen with a grayish cast to it)

Pseudocyphellaria anthrapsis, dimpled specklebelly (those false cyphellae, pseudocyphellae, look like white dimples on the underside of this cyanolichen)

Punctelia perreticulata, speckled shield (gray in color compared to the yellow-green color of the Greenshield lichens)

Ramalina menziesii, lace lichen (hopefully one day it will be the CA state lichen!)

Ramalina spp

Sticta fuliginosa, moon lichen (because those true cyphellae on the underside of this cyanolichen look like moon craters)

Usnea intermedia, space-age rubber band lichen (with those great outer-space looking apothecia)

Usnea spp

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