Using Lichens to Dye Fiber

Sarah Minnick and Shelly Benson will be teaching a lichen dying class at the Sonoma County Mycological Association’s annual mushroom festival, SOMA Camp.  The festival runs January 19-21, 2013.  The course description for the lichen dying class is included below and be sure to check out the SOMA Camp website for a schedule of events and how to register:

An overview and history of lichen dyes will be presented, followed by information on the methodologies of creating lichen dye baths. We will heat up some dyes and add sample skeins of yarn (provided). While the dye lichens are doing their work, we will go on a lichen foray. Participants will learn some common lichen species and the characteristics that will help identify those good for dyeing. After the foray, we’ll see what colors have developed in the dye vats!  Participants will take home instructions for dyeing with lichens as well as the sample skeins of yarn they dyed. If you have a hand lens, please bring it on the foray so you can truly appreciate the fine details of the lichens.

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