Sponsor a species for CALSCC!

The California Lichen Society’s Conservation Committee (CALSCC) has a preliminary list of species it is interested in.  Further information must be gathered for these species prior to any formal action.  Committee members are working on many but there is more than we can handle.  If you would like to help, we have a number of species open for ‘sponsorship’.  Information needs include locations within California, as well as the complete distribution of the species… so if you are not in California yourself, you may still have a lot of fun sponsoring one of these species and it may be useful to providing conservation status for the species in your area.  Please contact me if you wish to sponsor a species, as I need to keep track of who is doing what.  The sponsorship form is attached as a MSWord2000 document.

As of our meeting in January, 2005, the following species are open for sponsorship and of high interest to us:
(please do not consider inclusion in this list to imply any conservation status – many may prove to be undercollected and common.  please also note that there are a number of species not included here because they are already sponsored.)

Bacidina californica
Calicium abietinum
Cetraria californica (or your choice of generic synonym)
Chaneothecopsis epithallina
Chaenothecopsis ussuriensis
Cladina portensosa
Cladonia nashii
Cladonia pulvinella
Coccotrema pocillarium
Cornicularia normoerica
Cyphelium brunneum
Cyphelium karelicum
Cyphelium notarsii
Cyphelium trachylioides
Dermatocarpon moulinsii
Fuscopannaria saubinettii
Gyalecta herrei
Hypotrachyna revoluta
Lecania cyathiformis
Leptogium cellulosum
Leptogium subtile
Leptogium teretiusculum
Melanelia panniformis
Microcalicium ahlneri
Nephroma bellum
Pannaria rubiginosa
Peltigera didactyla
Phaeophyscia decolor
Phaeophyscia kairamoi
Phaeophyscia sciastra
Physcia halei
Physconia californica
Protoparmelia badia
Punctelia punctilla
Ramalina thrausta
Rhizocarpon concentricum
Rhizoplaca peltata
Rocella peruensis
Teloschistes californicus
Teloschistes exilis
Teloschistes flavicans
Toninia submexicana
Toninia verrucarioides
Umbilicaria lambii
Umbilicaria rigida
Usnea hesperina
Vermacilina zebrina
Xanthoparmelia angustiphylla
Xanthoparmelia californica

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