Peltigera (hydrothyria… now gowardii) Conservation Assessment

This is the report of a project done separately from the California Lichen Society, however it is quite relevant to the work  of the CALS Conservation Committee.  A reduced version is being prepared for publication in the Bulletin of the California Lichen Society.

Peterson, E. B. 2010 Conservation Assessment with Management Guidelines for Peltigera hydrothyria Miadlikowska & Lutzoni (a.k.a. Hydrothyria venosa J. L. Russell).  Report by the California Native Plant Society for the U.S. Forest Service. (view in ESRI ArcGIS Explorer, QGIS, or other GIS software)

Note: Hydrothyria venosa was transferred to the genus Peltigera as P. hydrothyria.  More recently, P. hydrothyria was split with the original name being kept for eastern populations while western populations became Peltigera gowardii (Lendemer & O’Brien 2011).  The paper that split the two showed genetic evidence that populations in the Sierra/Cascades may be a third lineage… so stay tuned – there may be another name change on the way!

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