Tilden Park Botanic Garden Workshop

2nd Saturday of each month, 1:30 to 4:30 PM

Meet in the Regional Parks Botanic Garden Visitor Center Auditorium, Tilden Regional Park, Berkeley. A map of the Garden and parking can be found here. Additional parking is available on Anza View Drive.

Please RSVP to Irene Winston (or for any information or suggestions). 

Visitors in the Garden had requested that lichen workshops be offered. Bill Hill and Irene Winston started the workshops during the winter months of 2010. We do lichen walks in the Garden, a California native plants garden, and classifications and keying of lichens from the Garden’s fallen wind-blown twigs. The Garden’s 10 acres offer a plethora of each type of lichen although the gelatinous ones are not obviously present. Participants also bring in lichen samples for keying. For a quick basic overview of lichens in the Garden, please see the November 2010 e-newsletter at http://us1.campaign-archive.com/?u=01091d83e4aa193c78a888704&id=a346a1307d. Bill took the photos and Irene wrote the text.

We are also fortunate to have Doris Baltzo and Nancy Hillyard participate and help out with the naming of lichens and process of keying. Workshop folks include CALS members, Garden docents, Garden gardeners, and other Garden visitors. On January 25th, 2011, Irene gave a workshop for 25 Garden docents. One responded right away that she would join us for the February 12th session. Bert Johnson, one of the gardeners, also had joined us and was so interested that he, too, will visit the workshops. Bert’s an expert in manzanitas. He mentioned that when he visited the Mendocino pygmy forest he saw Cladina, in the midst of the manzanitas. Both live in acidic soil. Even though he’s worked in the Garden about 20 years and seen the lichens everywhere, he does not know their names. Now he wants to learn their names.

Patti Patterson, from the College of Marin, has donated a set of reference lichens. There is no collecting in the Garden. One project that we hope to develop is a more complete lichen inventory of the Garden. A few years ago, the late Judy Robertson had helped Irene with a small inventory and had attended a few of the workshops. We would now like to expand that inventory.


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