So Be Free 16!

The Sixteenth Annual Spring Outing, Botanical Excursion, Foray, Retreat, and Escape to the Environment

The 2011 SO BE FREE will be held in the lower elevations of the northern Sierra Nevada. The area offers great sites for montane coniferous, mixed coniferous-hardwood forests, canyon oak forests, rocky outcrops, chaparral, all in the steep North Fork of the Feather River canyon. We welcome specialists and generalists, professionals and amateurs, master bryologists and rank beginners. Registrations and deposits are due by 31 January 2011 (and housing will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis). Registration and housing at Belden Town Resort is being handled by Colin Dillingham (dillingham7 AT Please visit the 2011 website at for complete details.

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